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BlackCAP Emergency Services College

BlackCAP Emergency Services College is a place for all members of Minnesota Wing and beyond to learn ground and mission base ES skills and cadet programs with some creative spin. Activities include ELT and missing person searches, radio communications, sUAS training, GTM3 training, and more! All members are invited to participate, GES is preferred but not required. The cost is $35 for the weekend.


September 27 - 29, 2024

Drop-Off: 1800 on September 27th

Graduation: 1100 on September 29th

Pick-Up: 1200 on September 29th

To sign up for BlackCAP, you must register using the registration link. After you have registered, please use the BlackCAP payment link to pay. 


BlackCAP Registration Link:


Black CAP Registration Link:

Required Forms

The following forms MUST be completed and brought with you to BlackCAP.

CAPF 60-80: Cadet Activity Permission Slip (Additional information will be emailed to registered members.)

CAPF160: CAP Member Health History Form 

 CAPF161: Emergency Information


What to Bring

-As much of a 24-hour pack that you can acquire. NO KNIVES OR MULTITOOLS WITH KNIVES ARE PERMITTED FOR CADETS. We will provide them if needed.

-ABU Uniform

-Water bottles or canteens for the weekend

-CAP ID Card & 101 Card

-Food for the weekend that does not require refrigeration - microwave is available. Saturday evening meal is provided.

-Something to sleep in and something to sleep on (most attendees sleep in the hangar, a sleeping pad or cot is recommended); tent camping is allowed.

-Always dress for the weather. Rain gear is required.

-1 set of appropriate clothes to change into Saturday evening.      







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